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Andrés Tovar M (Nevis)

Since August 24, 2016 I decided to officially become known as a Plastic Artist. As of the date of this update, I consider that there have been several achievements.


  • Over 100 people have visited my private show at my home / workshop culminating in several effective sales.

  • I became the first character of the prestigious Freeport Store brand where I did a solo exhibition at the CC Andino in Bogotá,

  • I have appeared in different media as El Espectador among others.

  • I was a finalist "Winner" of the Art Call in Cota where I did my first collective exhibition and my first appearance in a Book of Artists, rubbing shoulders with great personalities of the medium.

  • I participated in the Nuskool Fair of the Arteria Foundation held at the National Museum.

  • I was a guest artist for an exhibition at the Colegio Cumbres in Bogotá.

  • Several of my works already transcend borders.

  • I made an individual exhibition at the Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá with 40 works in more than 1500 m2. A recent space that was opened for the city dedicated to the well-being of the entire community and that every day gains more strength in the artistic field with recent exhibitions by artists of the stature of Negret and Grau.


During this short time as an artist I feel that my career is progressing favorably in a dizzying way. My simple but colorful palette, the handling of lights and shadows and strong and rough lines, complement my desire as an artist to combine artistic expression with my graphic training. Likewise, the search for materials and their handling of volume help me to generate those unusual formats in the artistic medium, which strengthen my personal touch and create that feeling that I call "Contra / Volume".




I am Colombian, Bogotano from the mid-60's, Gymnast and Emilist at heart. I studied Graphic Design at Workshop 5, a profession that I practiced for more than 25 years in private companies mainly in the oil sector, and thanks to a talk with my daughter, I returned to the fundamentals of my profession to reinvent myself and materialize with art, everything what I have carried in my soul.


It all started with a question I asked my little seven-year-old daughter some time ago.

Daughter, what do you want to be when you grow up? to which she replied that Chef and at the moment, asked me the counter question.

And you, what do you want to be when you grow up, Dad? at my barely 48 years ... ??


I was shocked for a moment because I had my design office up and running, but I didn't hesitate long to reply that I had always wanted to be an Artist . That was the trigger that I adopted to put design and computers aside and materialize that artistic vein that I had always explored as a hobby since 1987.


Artist Statement

With my work I want to break with the daily life of artists, thinking outside of traditional formats and taking up color as an essential part of my work.

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